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Saturday, March 24, 2012

"The Four Pillars of Recovery"

Does Addiction Rehab and Therapy Work?

From what I see with the friends and celebrities going in and out of it on a regular basis, apparently not. My close friend has seen it all and nothing has helped until now. She found a Dr with a program that actually works. Dr. John Vigil is caring for my friend now, and there are great strides of recovery for her like I've seen never before.

He has written the best explanation about Alcohol and Drug addiction I've ever read. His honesty and totally frank story about a lifetime struggle with addiction doesn't sugar coat any of the disasters that out of control addiction has in one's life including those closest to him. What turned my thinking around is  medical description about what happens with alcohol and substance abuse. He explained with great compassion and easy to understand medical terms, why people don't get better with conventional treatment. Reading his book, gave my search for answers answers to that question from someone who has seen both sides. 

I learned a greater compassion for addicts after reading his book. The clear cut path of "FOUR PILLARS OF RECOVERY" just might hold the key to anyone with an substance addiction gaining freedom from this disease. I am sharing his website, his information with you the readers, so you have a link to someone who knows what he's doing and lays a clear path for recovery.

Dr John Vigil of Albuquerque, NM authored a book on addiction and recovery titled "The Four Pillars of Recovery." It explains his comprehensive state-of-the art and evidence based care for drug and alcohol addiction and substance abuse disorders, including buprenorphine (Suboxone) office-based treatment for opiate addiction. Doctor on Call is an Albuquerque mental health clinic is run by a medical doctor specializing in addiction medicine.Dr. Vigil is a member of the American Society of Addiction Medicine.

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