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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

23.1 Million People Need Treatment

That's right, 23.1 Million People Need Treatment for substance abuse disorder in just the United States. VOICES FOR RECOVERY sent me a Recovery Kit with the most amazing resource materials. I wanted to share one of the most astonishing papers on Commonly misused substances. Interesting enough the average age of abuse is 35-44 with under 30's being the highest rate of misuse.

According to US Department of Health Services, In 2008 there were an estimated 4.4 million emergency rooms visits due to substance abuse. The statistics below tell the number of people who used (actually telling the truth) in one month in 2008. The numbers tell a chilling story. Mind you it's just one month of reports and the result of misuse and abuse, not just occasional usage. 
  • Cocaine - 15 million users - decreased from 07
  • LSD - 1.1 million users - increased from 07
  • Gases, Nitrates, aerosols - 600,000 users - decreased from 07
  • Pain Relief (Opioids) - 4.7 million users - decreased from 07
  • Psychotherapeutics - 6.2 million users - decreased from 07
  • Marijuanna - 15 million users - increased from 07
  • Alcohol - 126.8 Million users - same as 07
  • Tobacco Products - 70.9 Million users - same as 07
Other misused substances on the increase include Ecstasy and tranquilizers. This is indeed a MAJOR health issue for which all of should be concerned enough to do something about it. So if you know someone, or are yourself struggling with either legal or illegal substances, reach out for help! It begins with information, and from the packet I received there is help across the board for every race, ethnicity, and socio-economic status. 

You can be free from addiction, there is help and HOPE. Read the archived blog, reach out for help through the links you find here. This is also for those who love and live with an addict. We are in this together!

Additional resource to find services in your area: 1 800 662 HELP or 800 487 4889 (TDD) as well as .

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